Options for the Highly Maneuverable Pelican

Options for the Highly Maneuverable Pelican

Published on October, 10 2023

Learn about the different configurations for the popular Elgin Pelican street sweeper. 

When it comes to choosing a street sweeper, there are many reasons the Elgin Pelican stands out. For starters, it is highly maneuverable. Its premier three-wheel design help it easily hug curbs and pass parked vehicles. Plus, it gives operators 360 degrees of visibility, which is especially important when thinking about training operators and helping them stay safe and efficient. Also, the Pelican’s sweep system easily handles heavily compacted dirt and bulky debris.

The Elgin Pelican is offered in different variations, and these are outlined below so you can determine which Pelican is best for your street sweeping needs.

Hybrid Pelican

As part of its dedication to vehicle electrification, Elgin has introduced three electric/hybrid electric street sweepers in the last three years. One of those was the Hybrid Pelican. As a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) configuration, the Hybrid Pelican runs on a battery and generator system specially designed to meet the needs of municipal street sweeping. Its electrified drive system works in tandem with the ultra-low emissions John Deere 4.5L engine. With Elgin’s electric sweepers, such as the Hybrid Pelican, reduced emissions don’t compromise performance. The Hybrid Pelican can easily handle the workload and routes of its counterparts.

Waterless Pelican

The Waterless Pelican still offers all the popular features of the Pelican while also providing patented waterless dust control with a dust skirting system, dust separator in the hopper and dust control fan with a maintenance-free filter. All these features combine to control dust without the use of spray water. The Waterless Pelican is adept at picking up fine particles. Its waterless operation also makes it ideal for year-round sweeping. Likewise, it conserves water and eliminates the need to fill water tanks.

Industrial Pelican

Like its Pelican counterparts, the Industrial Pelican still offers 360-degree visibility and great uptime. It is also waterless, but it is equipped explicitly for industrial sweeping of heavy, dry materials. The advanced waterless dust control filtration system on the Industrial Pelican results in minimal filter loading even with the finest of powders. Likewise, the fully sealed cab with filtered fresh-air intake and recirculation maximizes operators’ comfort.

Alternative Fuel Pelican

The alternative fuel, single-engine Pelican is powered by the near-zero-emissions Cummins B6.7N engine with NOx levels as well as Particulate Matter levels 90% below the current EPA standards respectively. When using renewable natural gas, it can achieve sub-zero emissions. It does all this while still providing the features that make the Pelican popular including a chevron conveyor belt and front-mounted, variable high dump hopper.

While the Pelican may come in many forms, each one is highly maneuverable and productive no matter the sweeping job at hand.

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