Product Overview

The Elgin® Whirlwind® has revolutionized truck-mounted vacuum sweeping performance in the North American market with its exceptional features. Its proven low-maintenance design, combined with a wide sweeping path and short wheelbase, offers tremendous flexibility. You can choose between the single or dual nozzle and 28” (711 mm) or 36” (914 mm) side brooms, delivering a maximum sweep path of 12’ (3658 mm). You can also opt for a conventional or cab over chassis. Since 1969, Whirlwind street sweepers have been at the forefront of the market, boasting a unique extending nozzle and robust construction.


The Elgin Whirlwind is especially suited for uneven, patched roads and jobs involving dirt, sand, millings, general street sweeping, leaves, and road debris applications. The Whirlwind is also recognized as a proven and powerful tool for the maintenance and restoration of permeable pavement.

Why Whirlwind

  • • Customer-tailored performance configurations
  • • Application flexibility
  • • Standard simultaneous sweep/dual nozzle sweep functionality
  • • Suction nozzle(s) designed for demanding road surfaces
  • • Patented SharedPower technology; less diesel emissions complexity
  • Porous Pavement Restoration
    Whirlwind Dual Steering
    Whirlwind Rear Door
  • Wandering Hose
  • Construction Application
    Catch Basin Cleaning
    Whirlwind Airport Application
  • Whirlwind Milling Cleanup
  • Municipal Application
    Fall Leaf Sweeping
    Airport Milling Cleanup
  • Elgin Whirlwind
  • Whirlwind's in Egypt
    Construction Application