Sourcewell Contract

Contract Number: 093021-ELG

Sourcewell (formally NJPA) is committed to serving our Members through a continuous effort to meet your current and future needs. We are driven to provide efficient public service through our National Contract Purchasing solutions and other related programs. We are only able to do this as we work together, creating a unified purchasing alliance valued by all.

At its core, Sourcewell is a Member-driven service cooperative with a Membership now exceeding 30,000. Sourcewell offers a multitude of products, equipment and service opportunities to education, government and other non-profit entities.

NJPA member can purchase the following Elgin Sweeper products from the competitively bid and awarded contract:

  • • Broom Bear®
  • • Crosswind1®
  • • Eagle®
  • • Pelican®
  • • RegenX®
  • • Road Wizard®
  • • Whirlwind®

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HGAC Contract

Contract Number: SW04-18

The H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program provides purchasing services to local government agencies and certain non-profit organizations. Specifically, we establish and offer blanket type contracts for a variety of capital products and services, which a Program Participant may use, or not, at their discretion. However, in purchasing through the Program they can save time and staff resources while also getting a price as good as or better then they would get using their own process.

GSA Contract

Contract Number: 47QMCA18D000E

Elgin Sweeper has a wide range of products (tools for compliance) that the Federal Government has used for many environmental solutions. Elgin equipment utilizes all variations of today’s sweeping technology – mechanical, pure vacuum and regenerative air – and now alternative fuel and waterless dust control – to offer customers the sweeper that matches their needs. From general street maintenance to special military and flight line applications, Elgin has a sweeper that is built for your application.

Elgin Sweeper also produces Glycol Recovery Vehicles (GRV) which are used for deicing recovery. This unit helps prevent the deicing material from entering the storm water and contaminating the waters. The GRV as well as all of our sweepers are used to help our customers become compliant with their storm water permits.

Federal Government

There are several National Parks Service (NPS) locations that are utilizing our Waterless Dust Control Technology sweepers. The Waterless Eagle has helped the NPS conserve the scenery and leave the landscape unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.

The Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration has locations that are utilizing our legendary Pelican three-wheel mechanical broom sweeper. The Pelican sweeper offers superb performance, maneuverability, economy, reliability and serviceability.


The United States Armed Forces use Elgin sweepers for base sweeping, dedicated flight line sweeping, vacuuming catch basins and porous pavement. The Elgin Whirlwind vacuum sweeper is the premier choice of sweeper for the porous pavement application. Vacuum sweeping is all that is needed to restore permeable pavers original infiltration rate.

Elgin Sweeper Products have served the military both at home and abroad, during peace times and in war. Our troops continue to count on the quality, reliability and outstanding support during their efforts to rebuild a nation.


Pete Federico
Regional Manager- Federal Government
Cell: (732) 427-1260
Email: pfederico@federalsignal.com
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Maryland Industrial Trucks, Inc — GSA Contract Holder
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