Product Overview

Get ready to unleash the power of the mighty Electric Broom Bear® from Elgin Sweeper®! This street sweeper is a beast that won't stop until the job is done, just like you. With over 100 years of experience and a reputation for unbeatable quality, Elgin Sweeper has built the ultimate zero-emission machine that will help you achieve your sustainability goals with uncompromising performance.
We are proud to introduce the 100% Electric Broom Bear from Elgin Sweeper.  This is the first 100% electric street sweeper from Elgin that still delivers all the performance and productivity you expect from Elgin Sweeper.
You demand the best, and the Electric Broom Bear is here to deliver. This is the Elgin sweeper you know and trust, taken to the next level. From its rugged exterior to its powerful motor, this street sweeper is the perfect blend of strength and efficiency.  But don't just take our word for it. Ron Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer of Federal Signal, Elgin Sweeper's parent company, says it best: "Customers have come to expect a certain level of performance, and with the Electric Broom Bear, they're going to get the Elgin sweeper they've come to know and love."
Get your hands on the Electric Broom Bear today and experience the power and performance that only Elgin Sweeper can provide!

Why Electric Broom Bear

  • · 100% electric, zero-emission mechanical sweeper

    · Enough battery capacity (400kWh) to handle extended shifts

    · A tight turning radius provides exceptional maneuverability

    · Reduced maintenance to maximize uptime

    · Backed by a strong and established dealer network

    · Experienced chassis builders with an established service network

  • · State and federal incentives available

Electric Broom Bear Electric Sweepers


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  • Electric Broom Bear Charge
    Electric Broom Bear Dump Side
    Electric Broom Bear Gutter Side
  • Electric Broom Bear Sweep Gutter
  • Electric Broom Bear Dump
    Electric Broom Bear Access Box Hydraulic
    Electric Broom Bear Driver Side