Product Overview

The Elgin® Pelican®, the premier three-wheel mechanical sweeper, has undergone a significant upgrade and now boasts a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) configuration. With its exceptional maneuverability and visibility, 10 ft. sweeping path, 9 ft 6 in high dump frontal hopper, and heavy-duty No-Jam chevron conveyor belt, the newest member of the Pelican family is no different from its predecessors. The Pelican PHEV features the latest electrification technology and runs on a battery and generator system specially designed to meet the strenuous duty cycle of municipal street sweeping. The electrified drive system works hand in hand with the ultra-low emissions John Deere® 4.5L engine, which is certified to adhere to the most recent U.S. EPA and CARB standards. The Pelican PHEV strives to deliver uncompromised performance while simultaneously reducing emissions.

Why Pelican

  • • Market leader offering 360 degrees of operator visibility
  • • Rear steer for outstanding maneuverability
  • • Front mounted, variable high dump 3.6 yd3 (2.8 m3) hopper
  • • Elgin exclusive chevron conveyor belt

Available Enhancements

  • • Side broom tilt
    • Automatic lubrication system
    • Lifeliner® hopper liner
    • Beacon light with protector
    • Strobe light with protector
    • Broom hours
    • Limb guards
    • Air suspension seat
    • PM10 Dust Suppression


  • Leaf Removal
  • Hybrid Pelican left side front
    Hybrid Pelican in action
  • Leaf Removal