4 Ways to Improve Street Sweeper Training

4 Ways to Improve Street Sweeper Training

Published on June, 06 2023

When it comes to the success of your street sweeping program, training is crucial.

Street sweepers, like all construction and maintenance equipment, require proper training to ensure operators utilize all the sweeper’s features to maximize safety and productivity. Elgin Sweeper Company’s training program is essential to keep operators safe and efficient.

Training is also crucial to extending the life of your sweeper by understanding the necessary upkeep and maintenance. With a plan in place from the start, upkeep is a matter of checks on a daily to-do list.  Properly trained operators will notice changes in their sweeper's performance and can alert technicians before a small problem becomes an expensive repair.  Elgin Sweeper Company’s Technician Training will ensure technicians and mechanics understand the intricacies of specific sweepers.

Elgin works in conjunction with its dealer network to ensure customers have access to training throughout the life of their Elgin sweeper. Each Elgin Dealer has an approved training program for sweeper operation and basic maintenance.  Elgin Sweeper Company will send trainers to assist with onsite training when necessary. 

Elgin Sweeper Company also hosts multiple in-person sweeper training for its entire product line. For example, later this summer, Elgin Sweeper Company will host a 2-day, in-person training for mechanics to learn about maintaining and repairing various components of the RegenX and RegenX1.

The training courses offered by Elgin Sweeper Company are completely free and can be found on Eventbrite under ESG Technical Training or on the Elgin Sweeper website. While they are free, Elgin Service Trainings are in-person at Elgin Sweeper Company’s facility in Elgin, Illinois and registration is required to reserve a spot. Most trainings are multiple days and attendance throughout the entire session is required.

As you consider investing in training operators and mechanics, there are some crucial points to note.

  1. Cross-train. In an ever-changing workforce, it’s essential to have multiple operators and mechanics who are familiar with various pieces of equipment. You want consistency, and life happens. If one person is gone, does that cause a large disruption? That shouldn’t be the case.
  2. Encourage engagement. Knowledge is power, and when you show your operators and mechanics that their knowledge matters, you’re increasing engagement in their job. Depend on your team as experts, and do so by providing the proper training.
  3. Track time. Make your training program measurable. Understand where you’re allocating time and which operators and mechanics have the most hours or the least hours. This helps you understand who needs further training and who should be rewarded when opportunities arise.
  4. Incentivize training. If training isn’t already part of performance reviews, then make it so. Make a training goal for each operator and mechanic to meet annually. Or make it part of a rewards program.

With a training program in place, you can set up your sweeping team for success.

If you’re interested in an Elgin Sweeper, where training is free for the life of the sweeper, complete this form for more information.