Extending the Life of your Street Sweeper

Extending the Life of your Street Sweeper

Published on March, 13 2023

9 Ways to Make your Street Sweeper Useful for Longer!

When it comes to street sweeping, you want longevity. This means you’re looking for a street sweeper that will get the job done day in and day out over a number of years.

So, what’s the key to helping your street sweeper last a long time? Here are a few things to do to extend the life of your street sweeper.

1. Train to maintain. Ensure operators and maintenance staff are trained in both the operation and upkeep of the specific sweeper. This includes operators understanding the detailed instructions for broom settings and optimal sweeper performance such as adjusting brooms to the correct angles to extend the life of the brush. It also includes utilizing the right settings so the wear on the sweeper is appropriate. Misuse can cause the sweeper to age quickly.

2. Make maintenance routine. The longer the neglect, the worse the performance of the sweeper, so ensure operators have time for daily washing, servicing and inspection of sweeping components. This includes keeping tires properly inflated, which also helps fuel economy.

3. Remember water. The crucial component in many sweepers’ longevity is water, which suppresses dust, adds weight to debris for better filtering and lubricates the lifted debris so it’s less abrasive. When a sweeper continues to operate without water, components are exposed to more abrasive materials, which wear parts faster.

4. Invest in quality brooms. You get what you pay for, and cheaper brooms will not last – voiding any initial cost savings. Quality brooms not only result in longer brush life but also enhanced performance. The OEM broom from Elgin Sweeper is a quality, lasting broom, so when buying a new broom, compare what you have to the prospects. Main broom types include tube brooms, strip brooms, wafer brooms, and cable-wrapped brooms. The material type, bristle material weight, and distance between bristles will affect the broom’s performance.

5. Upkeep linkages. The linkages need to be in good working order to reduce wear on sweeper brushes. These allow the brooms to follow the contours of the road, and if they become worn or begin to stick, it can cause excessive wear on the broom. Checking and greasing linkages regularly will save time and hassle in the long run.

6. Clean the pickup head. The pickup head enables the sweeper’s ability to capture dust, dirt and debris. If the pickup head is caked with dirt, which adds weight, the suspensions and balance can be thrown off. On occasion, the pickup head should be removed and thoroughly inspected and cleaned.

7. Keep pickup curtains clean. When the pickup head is out from under the sweeper, also take note of the curtains. Look for rips, tears, holes or any problems that might require replacement. Curtains seal the pickup head and ensure debris stays under the head to be conveyed to the hopper. If the curtain has a problem, the sweeper will create a dust cloud as it travels down the road.

8. Avoid excessive down pressure. When an operator uses more downward pressure on the brooms than necessary, the extra friction causes filaments to wear quickly. Appropriate pressure reduces wear. To start, a sweeper should use the lowest setting for down pressure to effectively pick up debris. Excessive down pressure can also be avoided by utilizing in-cab features that ensure the pressure is given as needed.

9. Properly adjust tension. In some sweepers, such as the Elgin Pelican, a conveyor is used to lift and carry debris to the hopper. The tension on the belt should not be too tight as that will shorten its usefulness. Likewise, on mechanical sweepers, such as the Elgin Broom Badger, the elevator has squeegee-type flights that lift debris in the elevator pan. If the chains on these are not adjusted properly, the elevator will not last as long. Chains can be too tight or too loose, so make sure they’re adjusted correctly.

Elgin features a variety of sweepers including many different types for various applications, so ensure your maintenance plan aligns with the specific type of sweeper you use.

With an established dealer network for enhanced reliability, Elgin provides service and parts for the life of each sweeper.

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