Winterizing your Street Sweeper

Winterizing your Street Sweeper

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Ready or not winter is coming. 

  1. Water System: Pour approximately one gallon of water windshield washer fluid into the tank and cycle the pump until the color of the washer fluid comes out of all nozzles. Drain the remainder of the water from the tank.
  2. Fuel System: Drain all fuel from tank as best as possible. The fuel tank should then have a fuel stabilizer installed.
  3. Battery: Both batteries should be removed from the unit and stored in a warm, dry place.
  4. Cooling system: Remove the radiator cap from the engine and check the freezing point of cooling system.
  5. Chassis Engine Oil: before placing the sweeper in-service, change the chassis engine oil.
  6. Hydraulic Oil: Service the hydraulic oil and filter as required.

Need more assistance? Watch this video for more tips on how to winterize your sweeper: