What are the most important safety features on a sweeper?

What are the most important safety features on a sweeper?

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At Elgin Sweeper, sweeper and operator safety are the priorities. We are committed to constant improvements in operator safety, performance and comfort and we take a holistic approach to safety in the production of our sweepers.


Key safety features on Elgin Sweeper street sweepers include:

  • Backup alarm (standard)
  • Elgin Sweeper has always taken the approach in the market that the sweeper gear is to raise automatically when in reverse, promoting both public and equipment safety. We have a strict, no-sweeping-in-reverse policy, which most of the industry also follows.
  • Rearview camera (while standard on all Elgin Sweeper machines, Elgin Sweeper was the first to go to market with the rearview camera as a standard feature).
  • Side cameras (optional on all Elgin Sweeper machines).
  • A variety of mirror configurations to reduce blind spots.
  • Both chassis and sweeper lighting packages, including standardized LED lighting, which is more visible and last longer than previous incandescent lighting. LED lighting is used on all of our safety lighting packages.
  • In –cab warning light indicators to provide operators with advanced notice of equipment status.
  • Reflective decals.
  • Hopper and door safety props.
  • Hopper scissors safety prop.
  • Rear-axle airbags, which deflate prior to dumping on our mechanical sweepers, for greater stability.
  • Alarm to alert the operator to acceptable gradients when dumping on an incline.
  • Overload switches to alert the operator of overweight payload conditions.
  • Control interlocks to ensure that dumping is only performed when the sweeper is in neutral and the parking brake is set.
  • Dump controls placed on the curb side of the sweeper, as opposed to the street side, to keep the operator away from moving linkages, debris and adjacent traffic.
  • Dust suppression system to reduce risk of clouded/obscured vision.


To see any of these features for yourself schedule a demo with our dealer network today.