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Veterans Day 2019

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Thank you to all of those that have served our country, and a special shout out and thanks to the employees of Elgin Sweeper that have served. We are thankful to have you working for us. Happy Veteran's Day!

Left to right:  Jose Nieves (Army), Micah Moyers (Army), Art Czykier (Marines), Allan Lau (Army), Shawn Gardner (Marines) Kip Daranikone (Navy), Joseph Hanover (Navy), Bob Nellans (Army), Derek Nurkowski (Marines), Tony Stafford (Army), Manuel Dulaca (Army), Trish McCormick (Army), Tony Fuller (Air Force), Bill Sprague (Coast Guard), Ozzie Nieto (Marines), Keith Klingensmith (Army), Tony Cifonie (Navy), Jeff Alden (Army), Steve Ramirez (Army), Artis Baldwin (Army National Guard), Matt Seemiller (Air Force), Broc Barnes (Army)