Elgin to Manufacture Broom Badger in 2022

Elgin to Manufacture Broom Badger in 2022

Published on October, 20 2020

Following the end of a strategic agreement with Challenger Manufacturing Ltd., Elgin Sweeper will Manufacture Broom Badger in 2022.

Elgin Sweeper, Elgin, IL, has announced it will begin manufacturing, marketing, and distributing an “enhanced” Broom Badger street sweeper at its 200,000-sq.-ft. facility in June of 2022.

The announcement comes following the expiration of an eight-year agreement with Challenger Manufacturing Ltd. To distribute the mechanical sweeper in North America. Elgin will continue to provide parts, service, and warranty support to current Broom Badger customers and those looking to purchase a Broom Badger through its extensive dealer network, according to Mike Higgins, vice president and general manager, Elgin Sweeper.

“Our companies have agreed to a transition period, and, in mid-2022, the Broom Badger production will move to Elgin Sweeper’s world-class manufacturing plant in Elgin, IL,” Higgins said. “During this transition period, pricing for Broom Badger service parts will not be adversely affected and customers will continue to experience the same parts support and distribution they’ve come to expect from their Elgin dealer.”

Higgins said that beginning in 2022 “the enhanced Broom Badger will also include Elgin-exclusive features, upgrades, quality enhancements, and customized options to meet the specific needs of our customers.”

Higgins said Elgin will continue to offer and support the standard warranty for the sweeper model.

“Our Broom Badger customers can rest assured knowing that Elgin and their dealer are with them for the life of their sweeper,” he said.

Article published on ForConstructionPROS.com.