EPA translator

The EPA created Best Management Practices  (BMPs) for Storm water Phase II Rule back in 2000. There are six minimum control measures that organize the storm water menu of BMPs. For a list of the BMPs, click on any of the control measures to connect right to the EPA website.  

PUBLIC EDUCATION – simple acts like applying chemicals to lawns, washing cars and disposing of leftover paint and household chemicals improperly can all lead to water pollution. more >   

PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT – working with interested citizens to generate awareness for storm- water pollution. more > 

ILLICIT DISCHARGE – reducing particles headed into the sewers that aren’t storm water, such as pathogens and toxic pollutants. more > 

CONSTRUCTION – capturing or filtering uncontrolled storm water runoff from construction sites that could harm aquatic life. more >

POST-CONSTRUCTION – decreasing the amount of storm water created by areas that are heavily paved (cities, towns, communities). more > 

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING – properly maintaining and controlling the pollutants generated through winter road maintenance, road repairs and other “housekeeping” activities performed on the city’s behalf. more > 

COMING TOGETHER FOR CLEAN WATER – EPS's Strategy for achieving clean water. more >