5 Tips for Keeping Your Mechanical Sweeper in Top Working Order

5 Tips for Keeping Your Mechanical Sweeper in Top Working Order

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Mechanical Sweeper in Top Working Order
  1. The best single maintenance tip for mechanical sweeper productivity and longevity? Wash the conveyor belts, chains and squeegees after every shift. A clean sweeper is easier to inspect and work on.
  2. The conveyor system and brooms are the two areas of a mechanical sweeper that need ongoing maintenance. Recent design improvements to conveyor belts – including heavier belts, V-shaped cleats and additional ribbing between cleats – result in cleaner sweeping and less spillage.
  3. In sweepers using conveyor belts, the belts require adjustments to remain centered in the conveyor frame. This is called belt training. It involves properly setting the belt’s tension and tracking position. Inability to successfully “train” a conveyor belt may be the result of worn bearings, broken rollers or other damaged components.
  4. In sweepers using the chain-and-squeegee design, the chains need to be properly lubricated and tensioned. The chains drive rubber flights that are secured to metal squeegees. The flights need occasional adjustment of a bearing to make proper contact with the pan. The flights also need to meet a specified clearance to avoid contacting the upper elevator pan, also accomplished through a bearing adjustment.
  5. Broom contact patterns are another focus of maintenance. Operators should observe the sweeping contact patterns of both the main and side sweepers to assure optimal street and curb cleaning. A chain drive system for balancing and floating the main broom features a vertical support with a series of horizontal slots into which the chain fits to establish the proper broom contact pattern and pressure. Correct broom pressure allows the broom to flick debris up onto the conveyor or elevator. Excessive broom pressure limits sweeping effectiveness and hastens broom wear.
One last point, always follow the manufacturer’s safety recommendations while performing sweeper maintenance.

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